Government of LumbiniProvince

Ministry of Agriculture and Land Management

Directorate of Agriculture Development

Agricultural Knowledge Centre, Banke

Nepalgunj, Banke, Nepal


Institutional efforts of agricultural development in Nepal. It is believed to be after the establishment of agricultural base in 1978 at the government level. B.S. The Department of Agriculture was established in 2008. B.S. In 2023, the Department of Agriculture was reorganized into five departments (Agricultural Extension, Fisheries, Horticulture, Animal Health and Agricultural Education and Research Department). In 2029, after the integration of all five departments, the Department of Agriculture was again established. V.No. In 2029, the Department of Food and Agricultural Market Services was established in view of the sensitivity and needs of the agricultural market. B.S. The Department of Animal Services was established in the year 2036. Horticulture Department was formed separately from Agriculture Department in 2045. In 2049, in accordance with the policy of keeping agricultural bodies "under one roof", a single Agricultural Development Department was established by combining the Department of Agriculture, Department of Crops and Fisheries, Department of Food and Agricultural Market Services, Department of Animal Health and Animal Development and the Central Food Research Laboratory.

B.S. In the year 2052, the organization of the Agricultural Development Department was reorganized and three different departments were formed from the then Agricultural Development Department, including the Agriculture Department, the Animal Services Department and the Central Food Research Laboratory. B.S. In 2057, after making some changes, the 11 technical divisions under the Department of Agriculture were changed into 12 program directorates. In the year 2061, two Deputy Director Generals under the Director General of Agriculture Department were added to the Deputy Director General of Extension and Coordination, and three Deputy Director Generals and Extension and Coordination Branch were added.

As the country went into federal form, union, state and local level governments have been formed and are functioning. The government of Nepal has already approved the organization structure and human resources in the administrative structure of those levels. According to the new federal organizational structure approved by the decision of the Government of Nepal dated 03/27/2075, the Department of Agriculture has been restructured and eleven branches have been established in addition to the Director General and four Deputy Director Generals, while the Ministry of Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperatives has been established at the provincial level. Under this ministry, there are Directorate of Agriculture Development and Directorate of Livestock and Fisheries Development. There are 8 Agricultural Knowledge Centers in Province No. 5 under the Directorate of Agricultural Development.

For the development and prosperity of the national economy, commercialization of agriculture and animal husbandry is a major need today. Today's major need is to advance in the direction of progressive transformation of the society by promoting import substitution and export by making the agriculture and livestock production independent, modernizing and industrializing the agriculture and animal husbandry sector. In order to help in achieving this objective, after the official cancellation of the District Agricultural Development Office dated 2075/04/01, Agricultural Knowledge Center Banke was duly established as a new office at the same place on 28/05/2075. Under this knowledge center, there are mainly three branches: Agricultural Extension and Training Branch, Expert Service Branch and Study Test and Statistics Branch. The working area of this Agricultural Knowledge Center is Banke and Bardia. According to the changing environment, Agricultural Knowledge Center Banke is trying to provide services according to the needs and wishes of the farmers.